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  • Name: Debo Adewumi
  • Position: Web Administrator
  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Current Location: London - UK

  • Name: Pius Adesakin
  • Position: CEC - Publicity Secretary
  • Graduation Year: 1978
  • Current Location: Lagos - Nigeria

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    SCOBA-UK members learnt through the grapevine that the CEC President was in town, penultimate week. Apparently, he was on his way back to Nigeria from Dallas, USA. His private stop-over in the UK is an opportunity for SCOBA-UK to convey a strong commitment to the CEC mission of taking St Charles’ back to the top.

    So it was that on Tuesday 3rd September, SCOBA-UK made necessary contacts (many thanks to CEC President Aluko's daughter - she never denied Charleans’ access to dad) and a “private” visit was pivoted into almost an "official" visit, as SCOBA-UK members requested to meet with Mr President and present sporting gears, officially, towards identifying, elevating and promoting sport talents in the school.

    Charlean Clement Ebinum, a top Int’l PGA, who had earlier donated a full set of Golf kits and 140 Golf balls to the St Charles Golf Club, came to this meeting to present extra 60 Callaway-Dual-Mark golf balls, taking the total golf balls for the school Golf club to over 200.

    Charlean Idowu Oketunji arrived too to presented brand new jersey shirts, 24 pieces, to kits 2 full football teams.

    Charlean Fatai Bakare and Carolean Pa Opawoye had in August donated pairs of football boots to the school football team – there is no better way to lift up the morale of a school football team!

    Additionally, 20 (now 50) units of Mathematical sets were also donated to the school. The aim of SCOBA-UK is to equip every science oriented student in SSS1 at the school with a unit of Mathematical set.

    Charlean Debo Adewumi played host while Charlean Kazeem Adetomi, who was meeting the CEC President for the very first time took the CEC President for a spin around London in his top range Audi Genesis.

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    •  Taken Location: London UK.

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