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WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads of Chinese app
The ban on the Chinese-owned messaging and payments apps was to come in on Sunday night.

FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning
The transfers took place after officials were told of the $80m fraud, the secret files reveal.

Butlin's: 1,000 jobs at risk when furlough ends
The holiday camp firm expects workers to take paid or unpaid leave once the government scheme ends.

Coronavirus: Rolls-Royce considers tapping investors for £2.5bn
The jet engine-maker is reportedly in talks with sovereign wealth funds to raise money.

Gore-Tex: Inventor of waterproof fabric Robert Gore dies aged 83
Robert W. Gore's invention has been used in space suits, guitar strings and waterproof jackets.

British Airways accused of snubbing refund request
A passenger is told she had accepted vouchers but BA's website did not list them as an option.

TikTok: Trump says Oracle deal for video app 'has my blessing'
The president says the bid by Oracle and Walmart would protect the data of TikTok users in the US.

‘Another lockdown would be disastrous for our business’
Restaurants and pubs are concerned new coronavirus restrictions could spell the end of their businesses.

UK DIY sales soar but clothing stores fall behind
The amount of retail sales continued to climb in August, but some sectors are still struggling.

Jo Malone denounces her former brand's John Boyega decision
The British perfumer says removing actor John Boyega from his own advert was "utterly despicable".

Admiral boss gives staff £10m as retirement farewell
"Saying thank you to all Admiral staff in this way is the right thing to do," says David Stevens.

No new 2p or £2 coins to be made for 10 years
Coin mountains in storage mean The Royal Mint has no plans to produce any more for a decade.

Rail nationalisations may be coming down the track
Control of certain struggling franchises could be handed back to the government, sources say.

Thomas Cook's Chinese owner sees sunny horizons
Fosun has plans for concept stores, new resorts and a lifestyle platform for the travel brands it owns.

Liam Fox still in running for WTO chief as race narrows
The ex-international trade secretary is in the final five for World Trade Organization job.

Coronavirus: Singapore and Thailand added to England's 'quarantine-free' list
But those coming from Slovenia and Guadeloupe to England and Scotland will now have to quarantine.

'Nearly two-thirds' of workers commuting again, says ONS
Some 62% reported commuting to work last week, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Brexit: Hauliers' meeting with Michael Gove 'a washout'
The Road Haulage Association says there was "no clarity" on border checks after the transition period.

Rising virus rates threaten economy, warns Bank
Bank of England says a no-deal Brexit is another risk as it keeps interest rates at historic low.

Lionel Messi wins nine-year fight to trademark his surname
The European Union's highest court rules in favour of the footballer after a nine-year legal battle.

TikTok and WeChat: US to ban app downloads in 48 hours
The ban on downloading the apps in the US takes effect on Sunday unless President Trump intervenes.

John Lewis scraps bonus for first time since 1953
The partnership posted a huge £635m loss in the six months to July as costs soared during the pandemic.

'I still spend so much time on the kids - that needs to change'
Sarah Dahia from Australia takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

'For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories'
Sales of whale meat rise in Norway, helped by more Norwegians going on staycations.

How e-commerce is exploding in South Africa
E-commerce has been one sector that has boomed in South Africa during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: How we faced redundancy in lockdown
Young people are losing more jobs than any other age group - Newsbeat has been speaking to some of them.

Teen entrepreneurs’ top business tips
Two young businessmen who started their ventures when they were at school share their advice on how to sustain your business during the pandemic.

CEO Secrets: 'We gave staff shares, not salaries'
The start-up that paid its staff in shares instead of salaries.

When changing a light bulb is a really big deal
Lighthouses have been upgrading to more efficient LED lights, but for some that is a step too far.

How her own illness led one woman to set up a global firm
Jules Miller set up dietary supplements firm The Nue Co after suffering irritable bowel syndrome.

Nvidia chief: ARM is a technology jewel
The chief executive of Nvidia explains why he is buying UK chip designer ARM in a $40bn deal.

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