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  • Name: Debo Adewumi
  • Position: Web Administrator
  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Current Location: London - UK

  • Name: Pius Adesakin
  • Position: CEC - Publicity Secretary
  • Graduation Year: 1978
  • Current Location: Lagos - Nigeria

Picture Description - Context

  • On Sunday 22nd september 2019. the Ife-Ijesha Stanza Branch of the Old Boys meeting was held in the house of Alhaji Popoola. This picture was taken at the end of the meeting and the following Charleans were present.


    From Left *Charlean Bukola Adedeji ( Secretary), Charlean (Prince) Adedotun, Charlean Pius Oyesomo,  the host Alh. Popoola and wife   Alhaja Popoola, Charlean Fadugba (Actg Chairman),  Charlean Ogunniran, Charlean BabaRabb, charleans Rev. Fr. Adetunji and Charlean Nicholas Eluyode*


    Thank you for keeping the Charleans flag flying.

  • Picture Info

    •  Taken Location: Osun State, Nigeria.

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