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    IT was a busy weekend for the Charleans family all over the world as Charleans trooped out en-mass to support one another at various events.

    In Lagos, the SCOBA Stanza84 organised an event to honor 4 distinguished classmates of that Stanza; they have made their stanza proud and deserved nothing less.

    The CEC President, Charlean Rotimi Aluko, had to shelve other demanding needs so to be with Stanza84. He was ably joined by the ever-active IPP, Charlean Majek Owoo and a reveered figure in the OBA family, an eminent Charlean, an Oil & Gas guru, although retired but his commitments to the Charlean cause is unwavering, a BOT member, a fatherly figure in the house, a ............. you know who we are talking about?

    He is a Carolean, he is Sir Rupert Olaitan-Samuel.

    For a full spectrum view of the day, please click this link and enjoy the pictures.

    SCOBA SWAT congratulates the "4 Distinguished Charleans" and the organisers of this great event.



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    •  Taken Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

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