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  • Name: Debo Adewumi
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  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Current Location: London - UK

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  • Position: CEC - Publicity Secretary
  • Graduation Year: 1978
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Picture Description - Context

  • Charlean Asolo Scores Double.

    Charlean Adekunle Asolo of the Stanza715 scored double penultimate week when he clocked a new age. Then was his elevation to the "Grand Pa" peerage class of the Charlean family.

    Charlean Asolo had served as a Stanza President and as VeePee of OBA National in Nigeria and currently a member of the 3-man committee overseeing SCOBA-UK electoral process; deploying his wealth of knowledge, information and experience to fulfil this task.

    Charlean Asolo is seen in the picture joined by great Charleans brothers at the naming ceremony of the latest addition to the family. What a fellowship! Charleans still sticking together almost 50 years on.

    The picture here shows Charleans 715 members, from L-R Charlean Martins Oladapo (715 Chairman), Charlean Ayo Ajayi, fresh Grand-Pa Kunle Asolo, Charlean Victor Edohen and SCOBA Global President, Charlean Rotimi Aluko.

    Your comradeship is one blended with afinity of caramaderies of old days at Ogba Aguda.



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    •  Taken Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

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